“Can She Afford It?”

I know a doctor who UNSELLED a PFM (gold) and downselled the pt to a stainless crown. BAD move. He thought the patient couldn’t afford it. ARGH.

There is a whole lot wrong with this. Let’s start with:

1)      Not your call to decide what the pt can and can’t afford – what if the pt became insulted? (I know I would be!) You’ll lose them and any profit you would’ve made!

2)      You should be offering financing so cost is not the issue. Monthly payments should be the issue. Would 90% of every trailer court have DISH Network and cable TV if they had to pay in advance for it? HELL NO! So, why can’t you get 20% down, get 40% from AFS the next week and collect the balance, including insurance over a few months? WHY? WHY? WHY?

3)      You don’t get referrals from people who don’t feel proud of their mouth. Stainless is butt ugly folks. Come on. Do you think she’ll say, “Hey Look Joe! Look at my new dental work! It was just $350! Oooooh!” No way. She’ll never tell anyone. Do you think she’ll value the crown as much as she would a $900 PFM (gold)? NO.

4)      You KILL production, profits and you send the wrong message to your staff and patients… “It’s OK to do and receive second rate dental care.” B.S. If you want to donate dental care, go to the Free Clinic and do that once a month. You can’t run a profitable dental practice doing cheap dentistry and be in business 12 months from now.

Anyway, what else is wrong with that picture? I’m sure there are some clinical issues as well! My GOSH folks, let’s get on it! Raise your fees, let your assistant sell the dentistry and be proud of your skills!

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