“Good” Returns

I recently talked about time – 10 minutes or so – that you spend with your staff on an individual basis can be super-valuable.

The title of this blog can be misinterpreted. By Good, I don’t mean “Excellent.” I mean, “a good thing.”

You might recall that one of our best account executives was with us for almost 3 years, up until September of 2005. He was our lead account executive, soccer coach, in-stadium entertainment “PR” man, and more. He was an asset to our company and we were all sad to see him go.

But…He’s back!

There’s a lesson here, of course.

It’s this: When one of your team is ready to move on, encourage it. Welcome it. Assist them if you can.

Do whatever you can to see them to success in their new endeavor. I certainly have tried with every team member that I have watched leave – I’ve learned the best often return!

When you’re faced with that situation, be glad you were lucky enough to have them around for as long as you did. Then, when you get the chance to welcome them back, DO it! (If they were that good to begin with!)

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