“I need more new patients.”

I just got off the phone on perhaps one of the most interesting calls I’ve ever had.

First, client tells me, “The newsletter isn’t working.” This coming from a seasoned dentist who’s been doing a newsletter for YEARS suddenly thinks his 20+ new patients a month from referrals are due to something else – a Care To Share card. Yes, those work, don’t get me wrong.

So, my advice was, “Hey, quit doing the newsletter and see what happens.” Bad advice, but I want to prove a point.

Reminds me of a Quantum client who insisted that, after 6 months of patient newsletter internal marketing, that patients were referring to him because he had a new location…new carpet and so on. Well, that HELPS, but believe me, since he stopped last month, I’m betting money he’ll be back once referrals die off because he stopped asking for them!

In this day and age, one gets what one asks for. Nothing more. BUT, a lot less if they stop asking! LESSON: If things are really cooking in your practice, but you’re not sure WHY, the best thing to do is keep on doing what you’re doing! Don’t stop doing what seems to be working even if you can’t put your finger on it.

Anyway, back to the client. He also insists he needs more new patients. Last month in July he saw 49 NEW patients. He’s already working 40 hours a week CHAIRSIDE and 50 hours a week total. He claims his biggest problem is more new patients. Yeah. Right. Oh, and he takes just two weeks of vacation each year. This poor fella is going to be burnt out before he’s 45.

This is a sad situation. In his mind, it’s about jamming more new patients in the door. Really, it’s about generating more production from the almost 50 new patients.

He claims their biggest barrier to tx acceptance: FINANCING. Well, gee. Problem solved. Here’s how to add $500,000 per year in production without adding another 50 new patients per month: YOU FINANCE THEM!

And no, not through DFP or CareCredit. You finance them yourselves. So, in reality he has a systems problem, not a marketing problem.

This week’s ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: Have you CORRECTLY diagnosed the problem(s) affecting your practice’s ability to grow? All the new patients in the world won’t help if your systems are designed to handle what you already are generating!

2 thoughts on ““I need more new patients.”

  1. The problem with providing in office financing is …. the people that want it are not usually the best patients. I offer some financing, but I’m not a bank. Where do you get $500,000 in additional income from in office financing? Slippery slope, financing.

  2. James


    Great point, I realize that some dentists aren’t comfortable with in office financing, and that is OK. There definitely is a risk, and, as with all things financial, could be a costly mistake if things aren’t setup right.

    The thing is, if you have great patient (long term, always consistently pays), and they cannot be financed through other options, would you pass on the $$$ or find a way to get them financed even if you did it yourself?

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