Every morning you should have each team member review their “must-get dones,” a priority list, things they may need help with and so on, with the rest of the crew. (NOTE: If you do have a 28 member team, this process would be broken down into smaller groups of 5 or 6 for this type of meeting.).

Here is a scenario:

One client in particular who is on the audit list  is reporting less than ideal results with the Simple Green postcards.

The last 2 audits for this office have been miserable: No NAP (Name, Address, Phone #); Hold times longer than 15 seconds; No on-hold message (you do have that feature don’t you?); A completely “lost” team member who has no idea who is on which line (and the office only has 2 phone lines); NOT listening to the caller when the caller asks about whitening (“So, you wanted a cleaning?” “No, I called about whitening.”); and so on.

And, they wonder why the Simple Green program is not working for them. Never mind it’s working all over the U.S. in all sorts of practices. My practice is different. Hah. Whatever.

Before you spend ANY amount of money at all, the functions of a person answering the phones (no matter if they answer only once in a while, two days a week or full time – ALL must be properly trained!) must be clearly defined, an expectation set and adhered to, constant DRILLS and tests, a pleasant voice and so on…KNOWLEDGE of the office can be fudged…for a while if necessary – as long as the person answering the phone is pleasant, expedient, helpful to the extent they can be, and GETS ANSWERS to questions they don’t know, NOW. BUT, knowledge is important and should be tackled as soon as the basics are there.

How many offices flat out fail our minimum standards?

The answer was not really shocking to me, but it may be to you: FEWER THAN HALF PASS with minimal standards met. FEWER THAN 2 out of 10 do well. LESS THAN 1 out of 10 do it all right.

If you haven’t had your practice audited lately, I highly recommend it. Don’t blame either. Just fix it.

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