A Box of Wooden Nickels?

Wooden Nickels make mail lumpy to generate curiosity that works to get the envelope opened.

We use them a lot for clients in their New Mover Marketing Programs, too. I think the Wooden Nickel is one of the most impressive pieces of added material in a direct marketing campaign, period. They’re relatively inexpensive and they get people talking.

I was bragging about the fact that I had been dropping off four or five of the nickels at different businesses in town and the reactions people give me when it occurred to me that I should be getting even more of these out into the community…

After all, they work and people really do associate some real value with them. (Dr. Koultourides LOVES the Wooden Nickels and gets a great response from referrals.)

So here’s my idea: Buy about 20 or so little boxes – about 6”x6” or so. Fill them with Wooden Nickels, and send out a letter that goes something like:

Dear Fellow Business Owner, [better still, personalize it!]

          As you can see, I’ve sent you a box of Wooden Nickels. These aren’t ordinary Wooden Nickels. In fact, there’s over $8,000 worth of wood inside this little box!

          That’s right! Each Wooden Nickel is worth $100 towards a New Patient Exam at my office at {address}.

          I’m sending you these 80 Wooden Nickels because I know how it is when you have a great client or customer you would love to Thank for being such a great person to do business with, but you just don’t have anything handy (or cost-effective) to give to them.

          I’ve solved that problem for you!

          Feel free to give those people you really enjoy one of these Wooden Nickels…with your compliments!

          And, we of course welcome you and all of your employees, too, and will be happy to extend this same offer to you!

          Just call the number on the Nickel and we’ll see you here!

P.S. When you call, mention this Wooden Nickel so we’re sure to give you the $100 credit. We also will bill your insurance for you and offer in-office, affordable financing for everyone!

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