A Rule Of The Wealthy

I attended one of Dan Kennedy’s seminars titled, “Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs.” 

This is a subject Dan is very aware of being a “self-made” millionaire and astute businessman. So, I tuned in. Eight straight hours. Sitting. Jotting notes. Listening intently.

One of the most valuable bits of advice I got that day was this:

Get Paid Now, Not Later.


Wealthy people get paid before they do the work. Poor people get paid after. “As a result,” says Dan, “poor people are trying to pay yesterday’s bills with tomorrow’s paycheck and incur debt rather than accumulate savings.”

“Wealthy people are paying tomorrow’s bills with yesterday’s paycheck and can accumulate savings rather than debt. Poor people must buy in the most disadvantageous manner. Wealthy people can buy in the most advantageous manner.”

How is your business set up? Do you get paid NOW or later? Are you extracting maximum income from your practice?

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