A Simple “Gift” Can Increase Your Direct Mail Advertising Response

What I am about to reveal to you in this blog is a real gem. In fact, for those of you who act on this one simple little tool, it could mean the difference between a winning campaign and a mediocre or even losing direct mail campaign.

     First, a little history: About 4 years ago I ventured in to a real learning experience brought about by a gentleman named Ken Roberts. Ken is a commodity trader and he sells a “how-to” course. Oddly, he’s based in Grants Pass, Oregon. Some of you may have heard of him or even bought his course.

     Well, I bought his course. And, the more I made at trading options on commodities contracts, the more stuff Ken sold me. He even “bribed” me with little gifts. Stuff, at the time I thought of as trivial. Yet, he kept sending them and I kept wanting to learn more from him – feeding my addiction if you will.

     One of the gifts he sent to me was a little “coaster” to set my coffee on. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but even to this day, I remember them and even have a few hanging around somewhere.

     Well, the reason WHY he sent me the coaster wasn’t because he cared about my desk or coffee table; it was because it was what’s called an “Involvement Device.”

     Some of you may have heard me mention them. The most famous of all time are the Publisher’s Clearing House “lick the stamp and mail in your subscriptions so you hope you win the million dollar prize” deal. There are others I’m sure you can think of.

     Anytime you can get someone to do something with your mail piece, you involve them, and your chances of making a sale increase – or in your case, the chances of them calling you increase dramatically.

     So, recently, I printed up 3,000 little coasters.

     Currently, we have several auto-pilot advertising promotions that go out without any involvement from me.

     I wanted to see if in fact, adding a coaster to the mailing piece without ANY MENTION OF IT or MAKING ANY OTHER CHANGES WHATSOEVER would really in fact increase the response rate.

     So, the jury is no longer out. It’s a smash hit. On one of the auto-pilot programs went from an average of 2 new subscribers a week to 6. That’s a 300% increase. I’ll spare you the economic impact (the real numbers). Suffice it to say, it was a money maker before. But now, it’s really a money-maker.

     So, how can you adapt that to YOUR office? What can you do to take advantage of that knowledge?

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