Are postcards being sent to your patients?

     Today I was going to cover a timely subject – What do you do with a patient when all they ever need from here on out is a simple cleaning and exam – in other words, they’ve done everything you’ve ever asked of them?!

But, yet again, another, more critical topic has blocked it!

Here’s a recent example

My dentist office called me to remind me about my cleaning. No postcard. I’m thinking they wanted to save a buck by not sending it in the mail. I forget about phone messages. I don’t forget about postcards sent to me that get left on the counter/bar in our kitchen. It’s there until I take action. I erase phone messages. Especially at home.

The bad news is, they didn’t call my friend, who goes to the same dentist. Haven’t done so in over 8 months. As well, no postcard. Trying to save a buck. (Or worse, someone is supposed to send them and they are not doing their job! Who’s fault? Doc’s? Staff? Answer: BOTH)

So, by trying to save a buck, they’ve delayed and I’m guessing in many cases, permanently delayed getting my friend or I in (what about the thousands of other patients?!) and getting our teeth scraped and polished.

In my conversations with friends and family, particularly friends, when we talk about dentists, which for me, you can imagine is almost hourly, they ALWAYS mention the cards they get from the doc that remind them of their “5,000 Smile Checkup” (I think that’s clever and cute – something that I advise being in advertising unless you can pull it off with those you know you/have relationship with you).

Are postcards being sent to your patients? Whose job is it? When was it last done? Has it ever NOT been done and who got missed? How do you know? This is just one of those little systems – a little hinge if you will – that swings a big and in most offices, quite huge of a door that can easily get “forgotten” by busy staff.

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