Are You Open Fridays?

Many Dental offices close on Fridays or turn their answering machines on while they are in all day meetings. 

The only issue with this approach … What do you do when your PATIENTS get the answering machine, or worse, a new patient trying to schedule an appt gets the machine and just hangs up…opportunity lost!

Let’s look at numbers:

It might cost you $10/hour or $14/hour to have a competent person answering phones ALL THE TIME, Monday thru Friday. That’s 40 hours, max amount out of pocket, $560/week or $2240 per month.

So at a cost of $2240 per month you could have a full-time office assistant in place to: file, get trained in dental assisting, answer phones on days when you are not there, clean, contact no-shows, call recently treated pts to ensure recovery and so on…

But, many folks choose to have the office closed, losing a call or two MINIMUM per week (we’ve found this to be an underestimate, frankly) from having an answering machine.

If just one patient per month scheduled and completed recommended treatment from calling on a Friday or Wednesday when normally they would have gotten the machine, they get a human being selling them on the appt and booking it…would you be in the red? Depends.

If that patient did $8000 in tx, you’re ahead. If they did $1500 in tx you’re not.

But what if two or three or FOUR new patients extra each month were booked because you had a live person taking calls???? Would that justify it? You bet!

So, why not try it for a few weeks and see what happens? EVERYONE has an answering machine. EVERYONE gets the same results…so why not be different and get different results?

This week’s ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: TRY having a F/T person answering phones all week long or at least have them staffed all week long for a month and see if  change is warranted!

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