Are You Treating Children Or Adults In Your Practice?


            I know some of you may not see too many kids in your practice. And, that’s OK. For those of you that do though, I’ve made a recent find I thought I’d let you in on. And, in your infinite wisdom, you’re probably a step ahead of me already.

 I was rifling through the Summer Edition of the Masune First Aid and Safety catalog and found these very cool looking ice packs. Essentially, they are stuffed animals with a reusable ice pack inside. They offer seals and penguins and I think a puppy dog, too. They call them Kids’ Cold Therapy. Item numbers 45678M, 45679M and 45680M (respective order). Their phone is 800-831-0894 or you can order online at These little buggers cost between $5 and $9 each. A small investment to show children (AND adults, too!) how much you care about them.

Frankly, as an adult dental patient, I honestly would think these little gifts would be very fun to get…and a good way to promote referrals and eliminate fear from your patients!

Best of all, it provides a good and welcome distraction from the work you might be doing.

This week’s ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: Ask yourself and your staff: What methods of “distraction” do you provide to patients, children and adults alike, to help them cope with the treatment you perform…And, is it something they can take home and brag about and show others? If not, then why not?

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