Books You MUST Read

I just finished Donald J. Trump’s How To Be Rich. A great book with incredible insight into what makes a guy like “The Donald” tick.

It has some very instructional lessons within it. I’m certainly not too proud to learn from a guy who’s gone from being worth $9.2 Billion (yes, BILLION) down to a NEGATIVE number and then, back up to over $9 Billion! He obviously knows what he’s talking about – whether you agree with him or not.

One of his thoughts that is VERY instructional is from his Donald J. Trump School of Business and Management chapter – “Think Big and Live Large.

He talks about how, “In some ways it’s easier to buy a skyscraper than a small house in a bad section of Brooklyn.” That’s so true.

Are you thinking BIG enough? Are you LIVING the way you want to live now?

Here’s more… “And if you don’t hit, what’s the difference between losing $100,000 or hundreds of millions of dollars? Either way, you’ve lost, so you might as well have really gone for it.”

What are you holding back on right now because your fear of failure is too great and blocking you from taking action. Go For It. The second, third, fourth and so on Million are ALWAYS easier!

One final book you must read as soon as possible: The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. It could also be re-titled The Art of Business.

Here’s what I mean…

Sun Tzu talks about Leadership. He says, “Leadership is a matter of intelligence, trustworthiness, humaneness, courage and sternness.”

Do you fit the bill? I think he’s right on target. Examine your style in leading your practice and measure, truly measure the value you bring to the table on each of those component parts. How do you measure up? What are your shortcomings? What are you really good at?

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