Brother Bill…On Advertising.

Some of my favorite books on Dentistry are the old Brother Bill books.

These books date back to the early 1900s. However, don’t let the dates fool you. Their timeless.

Here’s some excellent advice on advertising…but not in the sense of trolling for patients like we think of today – more of a personal statement.

If you’ve got good business sense, you will be the most attractive, persuasive, winning advertisement. Your education, common sense, manners, dress and habits are all waiting to talk for you in the most effective manner, if you’ll take them among people and give them a chance. But they can’t talk to people till you carry them where the right sort of people are. They’ll win for you the people that no widespread printers’ ink could win; and when you get these people, they’re better worth having.                                                                                                                           -Pg 82, Brother Bill’s Letters

What Bill’s saying here is that you can only depend on traditional ads to do so much for you. You have to get out into the community among the circles of those you’d like to treat and become their respected and trusted friend, advisor and who they look to for help with Dentistry and oral health care.

If you’re shy, inwardly spoken, hate talking to regular folks or other business folks, you’ll be hard-pressed to cut through barriers that separate you from those “patients you want.”

I had a client a year ago ask me how to get “into his Synagogue,” and become the Dentist of choice. My advice was to be present, be aware, and OFFER the services. Talk to the elders that need care and GIVE them care. Let it be known what you’re doing, talk and be seen. Don’t sit in the back row, keep to yourself and expect others to seek you out.

Remember…Dentistry is but a small slice of the vast majority of a human’s life. You have to MAKE it a priority or be in front of them when it becomes one…like from pain or vanity.

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