Copywriting Checklist

I want to talk to you today, briefly about the use of testimonials. This is really a timely subject. I review, daily, ads, postcards, yellow pages and so on that are designed to make the doctor feel good and look good but lack the most important aspect of any direct response ad: TESTIMONIALS.

Here’s the number one reason why testimonials are so incredibly valuable: What others say about you is infinitely more believable and valuable than anything you yourself could possibly EVER say.

In fact, I’ve reviewed my own work and oftentimes found I’ve left them out, which is why I devised a very specific checklist I and my staff use whenever we prepare an ad of any kind.

For your records and your use only, I’ve included an abbreviated version of that checklist. Feel free to use it on your own ads.

Don’t Have Testimonials? Glad you asked. The single best time to get a testimonial from a patient is when you’ve just finished their last appointment. Have your financial coordinator or office manager (whoever is responsible for getting the $ or setting the first re-care appt) shove a sheet of your letterhead with a permission phrase printed on it in front of them and say the following or similar, simple phrase:

“I’m so excited you are happy with Dr. Roth’s work! We love getting comments from patients like yourself. Would you mind jotting down a few comments and thoughts about your new smile? And, if it’s OK with you, we’d love to be able to feature your comments [or even photos if you have them which you should!] in a future ad campaign. Would that be OK? Just initial at the bottom near that last sentence.”

The last sentence should read something like: “I hereby give Dr. Steven Roth permission to use my above comments [and/or photo] in any and all future ad campaigns. I understand there is no financial remuneration for this.” Have them sign and date!

Copywriting Checklist

– Testimonials: Front and Back

– Benefit-driven copy: Front and Back

– Visible, easy to understand offer: Front and Back

– Photos of patients (ACTUAL pts only!): Front and Back

– Headline: Is it compelling enough to get your rear off the couch (Front and Back)

– Phone Number: Vanity and Regular number (Front and Back)

– Doc’s Return Address: (MAP?)

– Does it contain Unknowns? i.e. CEREC, Crowns, etc.

– One offer or Multiple? If multiple, are they separated by Coupon Borders?

– Deadline? (front and back to ensure immediate response) – Stay within 15 days. Us exact date if possible.

– Value of Offer (In terms of $. Regular price of, etc.)

– Ensure main offer is NOT over $100 (to maintain low barrier of entry)

– ALL Benefit Driven Copy vs. feature-driven copy. Ensure Benefits.

– Source Coding: Mention or BRING this postcard with you at your appt and receive…

– What does the offer INCLUDE? Is it spelled out simply and easily?

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