Counting Your Chickens

This week’s blog is really about one thing: Count all your Chickens.

In this case, when I’m talking chickens, I really mean patients. New ones.

How do you tell some form of marketing is really working? Do you just “go by the gut instinct?” No, that’ll cost you an ulcer. Quick.

Do you ask your staff?  No.

Do you ask the patient when they get in the chair?  No.

The real answer is: When the new patient calls…Ask them right then and there: “How did you hear about us?”

The answer will either be: 1) I was referred by one of your patients; 2) I rec’d your X in the mail; 3) I saw your ad in X; 4) I drove by your office; 5) I walked by your office or 6) I saw your website on the Internet (which then leads to a whole ‘nother set of questions I won’t get into.).

TRACK. TRACK. TRACK. Remember, part of the Quantum program is tracking patient phone calls.

The job of a marketing company is to get your phone to ring. Whether it’s from referrals (the REAL meat and potatoes!) or from a postcard or new mover mailing. Truthfully, Referral Patients are BETTER patients! And, if you have them coming in left and right, you know your staff and YOU are doing the right things. KEEP IT UP.

This week’s ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: Be sure to enforce compliance with your office…DON’T JUST TRACK NEW PATIENT POSTCARD CALLS. That’s ONLY a small portion of this entire program. Referrals and the patient newsletter are REALLY the big value of Quantum Marketing!

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