Dangerous Advice? Part II

This blog will debunk some CW (Conventional Wisdom) about Marketing and Advertising and when one should NOT do it.

I’ve always been told (anytime I get told something I look for reasons to disprove or in fact, have good data to BELIEVE what I’m being told) and I’ve even read in the high-filutin’ industry trade rags that it’s not a good idea to advertise in December. And, even in November, it’s a BAD idea.

They say… “Too much competition. Too hard to get through all the noise. Too many distractions for people. They just aren’t interested in dentistry when the holidays roll around.”

The data I have right now in my hands is far too valuable and literally SHREDS the advice I’ve read, been told about and heard from the “gurus” out there.

Dan Kennedy has always advised me to go CONTRARY to what everyone else does. So, as a result, I do. And, it makes me a ton of money. In fact, if I think about it, just about EVERYTHING I do is against the grain. Why? I don’t necessarily want the results others are getting, so why do what they do?

My friend was told to lay off advertising in December. Last December, he added 14 new patients. 4 of which were in the last 5 days. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I thought you should just pack your bags and close down, right? Unless you have a pent-up demand from insurance patients WANTING to get their dentistry done, December’s supposed to be difficult.

I just proved everyone wrong. And, it paid well to test it!

So, be careful, once again, whose advice you heed. It could be Dangerous.

I’m not saying you want to drop 20,000 postcards in December. But, testing 2,000 like he did SHOULD pay for itself.

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