Educational Payoff

When reviewing expenses,

One line item I always look at is education.

Last year I spent $12795.55 on education. So far, I’ve spent $16746.00, a 30.9% increase.

That doesn’t include Travel to and from educational ventures, either.

Every year, that number MUST go up. I LOOK for ways to learn more, grow more.


And, why should YOU look for those same opportunities?

Let me try to explain as clearly and concisely as possible: The more I spend on education, there’s a co relational and exponential movement in sales and profits (more money for me to take home and invest in real estate!) EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

If you spent a disproportionate amount of cash one year on CE, do you think you’d realize a movement next year in the way of increasing profits?? You bet!

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