Everything Old is New Again: Nothing Is New!

I recently discovered an incredible treasure – probably one of the most significant finds of my career and I simply must share it with you.

Here’s a page from a book I just ordered – it was printed in 1909. Which, doesn’t sound that wild, until you read it…AND, when I tell you in a moment, WHO wrote it you’ll be even more amazed!

On Selling Professional Services to [Your] Advantage

My Dear Jim: I’m sorry you took offense at my letter which referred to selling your services to [your] advantage. You write me that you are not a salesman, and are not “selling service,” that you are a professional man, that you “stand on a different plane,” that you “render professional services,” and that men who write and talk as I did are lowering the dignity of the profession.


I think I’ll have to adopt the policy of the old preacher who was talking with an agnostic The agnostic didn’t lead a really biblical life and one day got into a hot argument with the preacher. In the course of it he said “You don’t know god; I don’t; no man does.” “Well,” said the preacher, “I’ll have to take your word for your own experience. I guess you don’t know God. But I do.” So when you tell me you are not a salesman, and I look over your performances for the past few years and their effect on your family, I’m quite willing to take your word that you are no salesman. If you were, you’d be well off now.

This is a “letter” taken from this book I just finished reading. A dentist wrote it. The dentist was writing to another dentist, a friend of his about his lack of success in his practice.

It speaks directly to what Zig Ziglar is famous of saying, “Timid salesman have skinny kids.”

Patients don’t just fold and cave when you tell them they need $1000’s in tx. They have to be treated like gold. They have to be educated. They have to be…


Adversity to selling is adversity to doing well and doing your family “right” by your actions.

Thus, nothing new under the sun, really. Not even in dentistry.

This is just a quick “peak” into the wealth of knowledge in this old book. Further, this is just one of the “Big New Ideas” being espoused by consultants all over. This, along with regular and planned fee increases and HOW TO DO THEM is all covered in these old books – written a hundred years ago…yet the same problems exist today and the solutions are hundreds of years old!

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