Extracting Maximum Value From New Patients

Last blog I talked about The Apprentice and one of the principals exhibited in the show about going back to past clients and extracting more value from them. I want to now talk about Engineering the New Patient Experience to Extract Maximum Value From New Patients.

     My question is this: What happens to a new patient from the time they CALL your office to the time you see them for the first time and from then, to get them to accept your tx plan of maximum value.

     What I am trying to ask is, “Are you and your staff taking the necessary steps to PROVE, without a preponderance of a doubt that you provide MORE value than anything could ever cost?”

     Let me give you an example:

     When a patient walks into your office the entire focus of the staff is to 1) find out what they want, give it to them and 2) find out what they need and PLAN to give it to them.

     You should engineer the experience and the willingness of the patient to say “YES!” from their first contact. It’s designed to be consistent, pleasant and warm. All the things folks want.

     I’ll give you an example: Private client Dr. Charlie Martin’s new patient experience when they step foot into his “newly remodeled” (term doesn’t give his office justice!) office is, from the gitgo, engineered to give the impression that “Quality is in the air” and boy, this is going to be an impressive/expensive visit. The baby grand is playing and the latte’ bar is ready to serve you.

     What’s that same situation like in your office? Is it time to update and change?

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