From Humble Beginnings…

I’ve written before about how the first impression a new pt gets on the phone can either make or break their relationship with you.

Earlier last week I met with a dentist practicing here in Salem. This dentist is what I would consider to be ultra-successful. In fact, of the 5 practices he’s built, each has been wildly successful. His most recent I would gather is going to blow the others away – by far.

Anyway, he was taking me around town and showing me “from whence he came.” The first practice was a very small, cramped, 441 square foot office. It was one chair (a Pelton Crane) and had an add’l, older chair as spill-over.

He practiced there for about 16 months.

From there, he moved downstairs to a 820 square foot office – three ops this time.

And then, as a result of some cajoling and embarrassment by a fellow dentist, he moved to a larger office, about 23 months later – a 1,500 square foot office.

His second to the last move was from the previous office to a grand, 3,000+ square foot office with 6 ops.

The lesson here is this…each time he moved, his practice grew. Not because he was in a bigger facility, but because he had an overriding desire to succeed and be prosperous in his new environment. He didn’t wait for things to happen. He forced them to happen.

He took action which would, in a sense, force success. It was done through CE, better staff, better advertising, a more focused approach to comprehensive patient care, bringing in specialists once or twice a month and so on. He took “All Out Massive Action.”


Action to Take: Can you write down the 10 things you are doing RIGHT NOW to grow your practice? We’re now into July. How are you doing in relationship to the goals you’d hoped to hit?

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