Goal Setting 101

With Goals…Specific points we want to hit – a measurement of progress – during different periods of the year.

We have financial goals, client attraction and client retention goals. We also have personal, individual goals. Personally, I’m even aware of goals my staff have set for themselves that they would like to see happen– so I can help them reach THEIR destinations, too.

Potential goals for a dental office:

They are:

1)      Production Goals – Daily, Weekly and Monthly, which roll into a yearly goal.

  1. $2500/day
  2. $10,000/week
  3. $40,000/month                   These will be done on 4 days per week.
  4. $480,000/year

2)      Patient Retention Goals – Our goal is to NOT lose ANY patient for reasons that are within our control – i.e. pt service, etc.

3)      Patient Attraction Goals – We need to attract at least 2 NPs per day, or 8 per week, or 32 per month.

Since very few of you are start-up type practices, your goals will look nothing like this. What DO your goals look like? Do you even HAVE a daily production goal? Show me an office without a written, shared, daily goal and I’ll show you an office that can take HUGE leaps in income and profitability.

The bad news about goals is that they have to be reviewed EVERY day and for the daily goal, several TIMES during the day.

If you don’t know what the score of the game is (how close you are to goal), you don’t know if you’ll win or not. If you don’t know you’ll win for sure, you have no idea when you can do just about anything at all…If you’re behind, you shouldn’t be taking a vacation. If you’re ahead, maybe you set your sites too low? And, if you ARE ahead or HITTING goal, don’t be afraid to inch it up – ratchet the progress up – throughout the month and year. Oh yeah…INSPECT what you expect – watch those goals, get status reports daily from your team…

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