GOALS: Why Most Are Never Reached

I was re-listening to a tape series from Napolean Hill, author of $100 million+ grossing book, Think and Grow Rich this past Saturday on a short road trip up I-5 to Mt. St. Helens. On the tape, Mr. Hill outlines goals and how to achieve them.

His approach is unique. It’s also one used by famous early 1900s millionaires like Mr. Andrew Carnegie, Mr. Rockefeller, Mr. Wrigley (the gum guy!) and countless others.

It goes something like this: If you EXPECT something from someone, you have to be prepared to give adequate motivation for them to help you. Sounds simple.

If you expect a patient to refer, you have to give them adequate motivation to do so. Just being “you” isn’t enough.

Similar to achieving written goals…If you expect yourself to achieve a goal, be willing and prepared to give something in return to achieve it.

Most people fail to reach their goals because they do not expect to provide anyone with adequate motivation to help them. They think that “deserving” it is enough.

This week’s ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: Define what you are willing to provide others to give them adequate motivation to help you achieve your goals. Achieving goals is not a one-way street.

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