Going After Past or Existing Clients

OK, let’s get to brass tacks here. Have you seen Donald Trump’s The Apprentice? If not, I suggest you watch it. One episode I have seen exhibited several principals, one of which I’ll review here, now.

Going after past or existing clients to sell a service or re-sell on a new service. In this episode, The Don assigned the two teams to sell Rickshaw (sp?) rides using Manhattan Rickshaws (a local company). One team decided, and I was impressed with the idea, to sell “punchcards” – like a frequent user type rewards card. Good idea. However, the other team just absolutely SLAUGHTERED ‘em by…are you ready? Selling ADS ON THE RICKSHAWS to the team’s past clients. Marquis Jets was an advertiser, a restaurant they had dealt with and so on. The first team made like $300 or $600 – I can’t recall. The other team that sold advertising to past clients earned OVER $3,000.00 and didn’t even mess with selling punchcards. How can you adapt that to your practice? [HINT: Reactivate old pts and go back as far as you can!] People who have a past history with you are 20 times more likely to buy than someone who doesn’t know you. BUT, you have to ask them! And, you have to give them an incentive!

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