Great Marketing Example

There are some great well-known marketers that are in the public eye quite often. When I think of that level of marketer, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson, come to mind, just to name a few.

By studying those two alone, we can learn a lot about how to promote our businesses.

A recent, in the airwaves example right now though, is Mr. David Blaine, the magician.

One of David acts had him under water for several days.

The media coverage of David’s event was amazing. He did something so unbelievable, that it was bound to get attention…Much like Richard Branson and some of his crazy antics.

About every 2 hours or so, you heard news on the radio about his latest condition and speculation of whether or not he’ll be able to lift the 150 lbs of chains enough to escape from them all while holding his breath for nine minutes, beating the world record by 2 seconds (that’s the huge part of this – he’s going to hold his breath for NINE minutes!).

Coincidentally, David’s website is selling autographed posters for about $100 each. Now that’s smart marketing!

There’s a lot to learn here, not unlike Trump’s The Apprentice, if you’re looking.

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