Great Sources for EFDAs

My friend was pretty excited a few weeks back thinking that he had this wonderful team at his office. They’ve been around since day 1 back in November.

Turns out, the lead DA wanted a career change a few days ago – she’s going into the “correctional” system here in Salem as a women’s prison guard – after 20+ years in dentistry.

She may have a case of “Grass is Greener” syndrome, as the primary motivator was insurance and benefits, which he doesn’t offer at this point.

Anyway, so he was up against the wall looking for fast ways to generate some applications.

I like the newspaper best, but the darn thing is incredibly expensive – $374 for a 1 day ad on Sunday and it was 4 measly lines long!

The OM for the practice suggested Concord and Chemeketa – Concord is a business training school, for vocations, and Chemeketa is the largest community college in Oregon (pretty large I might add, over 100,000 students I believe).

Both have EFDA and EFODA programs. Sooo, she hit the pavement running, made some calls and we had a couple of resumes sitting on his desk to review. He interviewed one later that week. The other next week.

Smart, had her head on straight, family obligations (so she’ll want to earn a paycheck), and has 2 sisters that have been EFDAs for 9 and 2 years. So, it runs in the family and she knows what to expect, sort of…

The other lesson I teach in finding team members is to look before you need them and to keep ALL resumes that people give you…

A quick letter sent to all past applicants may just yield the best diamond in the rough you could imagine!

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