Handling Screw-Ups

It came highly recommended to me from a friend, who is a travel guru. (Incidentally, if you’re looking for good luxury travel recos, I’ve come to realize most good experiences I hear about and later “try for myself” seem to be a fluke or flat-out mistake.)

So I decided to have go there. Long story short, from arrival until I left was a huge disappointment. To add insult to injury, the bill was horrendous. Which, I’d have cared less about had I NOT had the experience I was ahhem, blessed with.

At any rate, I took the time to write a lengthy letter to the general manager of the facility.

The letter drew a response from the GM within a day or so. I was initially impressed.

But, days, weeks and MONTHS later, nothing. Not one word.

Meanwhile, I’ve given the place a significant amount of bad press within the groups I facilitate and those in which I participate. And several of those people I shared the news with hold large, thousand+ gatherings a few times each year and have in the past or would in the future consider the place. No longer.

So, last week, I found my fax, the reply of the GM and sent them back with a huge stamp in the middle: SECOND FAX.

In today’s mail arrived a little gold box with a personal letter from the GM. A certificate for a two night stay. All inclusive.

There are a lot of ways to handle this kind of complaint. How do you resolve complaints in your office?

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