Holidays & Marketing

I enjoy getting mail. Not just because checks of all sizes arrive via our friendly USPS carrier, but I get great ideas to steal and distribute from, too.

Here is an example:

The envelope this piece arrived in was a large windowed envelope. I could see just a return address. My trained eye quickly glances at the postage amount. Was it send bulk mail? First class? Did they use a stamp? (In other words, do I warrant first class postage and a real live stamp? Is the message THAT important?) How is it addressed (name spelled properly, hand-written or not? Etc.)

Through the window of the envelope, I see a squirrel or some kind. Or, maybe it’s a large rat poking its head out of a hole. Not sure. Anyway, I open it.

It’s a huge 5.5×8.5 bi-fold card of a sketched groundhog…Not a picture, but a sketch. No one sends sketches anymore. I like it. It looks like someone CARED enough to send me a card with a sketch on it.

I open it up. Inside it says. “Shadow or Not, we’ll be here for you.”

It’s signed, “Happy Groundhog’s Day!”

It’s from an envelope printer, CENVEO.

Here’s what’s interesting: CENVEO is going head-to-head with Mackay Envelope (Harvey Mackay – Swim With The Sharks book – get it, it’s a very good book) and I think they are doing some pre-emptive client retention marketing…that’s my guess.

It’s a nice touch. I liked it.

However, were it my mailing, it’d have an offer in it of some kind…For sure. Why spend $ on postage and not try and get some of it back in the form of a good direct response piece?

Anyway, good for them for taking advantage of lesser-known, yet effective “holidays.”

Are you taking proper advantage of the holidays?

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