How Do You Handle Inquiries?

I gave you some great ammunition from the recent good press in Readers Digest. Have you implemented yet?

An inquiry to me, is anyone that calls or stops by your office with an immediate need or question…not necessarily even an emergency pt, either.

A friend had her convertible top on her mustang ripped by some idiot with a knife looking for money or credit cards last week.

Fortunately, we’re in a sunny spell here in Salem so the rain wasn’t an immediate threat to the interior of her car.

She picked 2 places to get estimates on the repair.

Let me describe the next series of events…Then, YOU decide who you’d visit (while keeping in mind how pts are treated at your ofc):

1.)    She drives in, guys comes out, gives estimate, let’s her know the headliner and top both will have to be replaced. Asks her a few questions about her insurance and deductible and explains they can get around most of the deductible.

2.)    She drives in, guy comes out, states, “If you have 10 minutes, I’ll sew this up, seal it so the water doesn’t get in.” Then, takes her through the replacement process, explaining it won’t require replacement of headliner, just the top, etc.

Both places offered help. But, not in the same way. #2 has been in business for over 40 years.

Which would you pick?

Does your practice offer this sort of differentiation? That extra little care and attention EVERY paying client/pt deserves?

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