How To Capture Every Luxury Car Buyer In Your Area As A New Patient.

Who doesn’t want more pts that drive a nice car, right? Means they can afford a nice monthly payment, too!

I recently visited with a car guy at Valley Motor Co. here in Salem, AND I like the way they treat their clients.

I approached him with a simple call and asked if he thought a $1,000 gift certificate would be well-received about 30 days AFTER a client purchases a new Mercedes.

You can imagine his response.

Here’s how we plan to work it: The day of the purchase, we’re notified by the dealer with a simple fax. The new owner’s name and address is supplied. We assemble a nice letter, a nice gold foil gift certificate and mail it to the car company’s client exactly 25 days post purchase.

It congratulates them on the purchase of the finest automobile in the world and makes the assumptive close that they need oral health care as fine as their car (and as expensive).

We offer a comprehensive new pt exam with full-mouth series, etc. and simple cleaning PLUS take-home whitening – a $1,000 total value.

Oughta work like gangbusters. Nothing like getting money back from a car dealer, eh?

What “market” in your town can you apply this same principle to? What professional? What vendor?

There’s nothing wrong with free referrals year-round from good folks, is there?

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