How to Double (or more) the Response of Your ‘New Movers’ Marketing Efforts

There are a lot of ways to achieve this. One of the easiest is to simply adjust something you are already in the process of…let’s take new mover letters.

There’s a lot of controversy over whether new mover mailings work or not. They work. How do I know? Here in Salem, we mail about 300 people 3 times a month. That’s 900 letters in the mail. About $1800 TOTAL cost (that’s ALL COSTS – including a factor for “opportunity” cost which is what I would consider having your dental practice staff do something OTHER than what they are paid to do – i.e. lost time in the ops, calling undone tx., etc.).

We put a St Patrick’s Coin in with a Newsletter. Albeit it was plastic, it still made the envelope abnormal – it caught the recipient’s attention because it wasn’t flat like the other mail they rec’d that day. Thus the term, “Lumpy Mail.” The April issue was REALLY lumpy. I included a rabbit’s foot for crying out loud! Those two issues were probably two of the most read EVER. I could tell because of the response from the folks getting it.

Make Your Advertising Work More Effectively By Making It Lumpy.

Now, back to the New Movers…

Be sure to use the lumpy mail concept with your new movers. It’ll increase response like you can’t believe! A good suggestion? Try Oriental Trading Company and order some erasers they were about a ½ cent each and they DEFINITELY make your mail lumpy and it WILL get opened (which is the BIGGEST challenge direct mail has – getting opened and read!).

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