How to Double (or more) the Response of Your ‘New Movers’ Marketing Efforts – Cont’d


We recently talked about Lumpy Mail. Here are some additional guidelines we use to send direct response advertising to New Movers…

1)      NEVER use a “new list.” Rent the names that are at least 4 months old, preferably 6 months or more, all the way back to 1 year!

2)      ALWAYS use a hand-addressed envelope!

3)      ALWAYS use a First Class “Love” Stamp or similarly interesting “personal” stamp.

4)      ALWAYS include an offer, a “grabber” and a tight deadline.

5)      NEVER mail just one time. Mail at least three times (unless the first was a bomb and did not provide ANY new patients)

6)      TEST the following: mail ½ of your list with just a return address. Mail the OTHER ½ of the list using your name AND return address.

7)      AVOID using labels if you can.

8)      On the 2nd and 3rd mailings, use stickers or stamps to indicate, “Second Notice” and “Final Notice.”

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