How to Profit By Being A Messenger of Good News

Never underestimate the value of “Good News” you send to your patients. I’m not talking about “Dr. Johnson has been Invisalign Certified!” I’m talking about economic news.

As Dan Kennedy said to me:

“Think of it this way: the more prosperous, optimistic and confident your customers feel the more open and flexible their spending. The less prosperous, more pessimistic and fearful they feel, the tighter their grip on their wallets. Trying to sell to folks [read: selling big cases to pts] mired in “bad news” is like sowing seeds onto rock hard ground.”

Dan’s right on the money. People just flat out get scared when things “seem” tight or when the nightly newscasters throw such a bad forecast out to us, it’s hard to imagine things are really good! It goes something like this (I know you’ll relate):

1)      patient gets out of bed

2)      patient turns on radio/tv

3)      patient listens to news: About something bad/stressful.

4)      patient goes to work and listens to co-workers complain and moan about gas prices, lack of income, etc.

5)      patient gets direct mail piece from YOU about whitening, veneers, and so on and they “think” their situation is bad, and “It’s just not the right time.”

It should go like this:

1)      patient gets out of bed, listens to same BS on radio/tv

2)      goes to work, listens to same BS at the office.

3)      gets mail – your newsletter is inside talking about how the Investor’s Business Daily cites “Best Economy In 20 Years,” and so on. Your insert about a free cosmetic consultation peaks the interest of your patient and they CALL YOU to schedule an appointment.

Someone has to counter-balance all the negative influences out there. It should/could be you.

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