In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King

This line is rather instructive. It’s kind of like before you knew how to do a root canal, it seemed impossible. But, once you do it, there’s no secret to it at all. And, for many dentists, they become routine, easy, and they get very efficient at it.

Marketing isn’t any different. As soon as you learn the mechanics of it and what motivates people, what used to be completely foreign is now as familiar as any other aspect of dentistry (like clinical stuff).

I’ll use Dr. Andy Koultourides and Dr Don Henderson as perfect examples.

These two fellas have seen a lot in dentistry. They’ve used every possible way to generate new patients and keep ‘em. But, until they spent a year or two studying it and learning WHY we use offers, lumpy mail (did I tell you how well our wooden nickels did? WOW! What success!) in the Personal Dental Coach™ Program and so on, they were in the same boat with almost 100% of their colleagues. They were missing the necessary ingredient for ultimate practice success.

NOW, when I talk to them, they are talking in “my” language about ROI, headlines, offers and patient value. It’s exciting because when you elevate those around you, you too automatically have to improve to stay ahead of your students! It’s awesome!

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