It’s The Economy, Stupid

Or is it?

W. Clement Stone, likely the single most successful insurance salesman in the 1900s had it right…

The Sale is almost always Contingent upon the Attitude of the Salesman, NOT the Prospect.

In selling dentistry is your attitude in check?

Ever have those days when you close a TON of treatment?

Ever have those days when you couldn’t sell a free exam?

We all have had those days.

It boils down to “what’s our state?”

Tony Robins, master of persuasion, talks in his books and presentations about “state.”

What’s your “state of mind” when you are really hot and doing well? (He talks about his experience with Andre Agassi, the tennis great – his rise, fall and eventual comeback – all had to do with his “state” – not his natural athletic abilities – he’s NEVER forgotten how to hit the ball, but he has forgotten how he felt when he was on top!)

What’s your “state of mind” when all things are in the dumper?

Significant difference if you look back and reflect on those emotions/feelings. Your mind is extremely powerful – more so than we realize.

This week’s ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: If you find you, your staff or your practice “in the dumper,” seek the “state” you all were in previously as things were really humming. Don’t let your mind rule the situation with negative feedback. Instead, rule your mind’s perception. It changes the whole dynamic.

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