Joint Venture/Cross Promotions

I began a little project with the local Lincoln/Acura/Mercedes dealer, Valley Motors. They have always been great to deal with. Let me give you some background:

Klaus is absolutely first class in every aspect. The first car I ever bought from him gave me quite a shock. About 15 days or so after I took possession, I came into work one morning and a huge basket of goodies was waiting…And, about 9 months later he sent me a photo of me and the car, and a calendar with the photo enlarged. It was all laminated and very first class. The food basket had to have been $100 at least. But, he recognizes the cost of a sale, the profit from a sale, and so on… In short, he knows how to run his business.

So, back in December, I visited with him while the oil was being changed I asked him if I could give him a few certificates from my friends dental practice that he could send or give to his new car buyers.

He jumped at the chance!

Just over a month later, the mailing went out and he saw his first patient. $313 production and collections right off the bat (plus whitening which with this offer is free, but $750 in production, just no collections). He was then scheduled for about $1100 MORE in tx later that week. If that is the only pt he gets, it’s a home run!

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