Keeping the Axe Sharpened

Karate has well-run academies, their worth their weight in gold to get enrolled in it yourself or get your kids enrolled. The discipline, respect and physical/mental strength taught is admirable. Further, the marketing and business lessons you learn are just downright incredible.

Here is a good scenario:

OK…picture this: Your child and about 5 or 6 others are in a group being trained on the basics of Tae Kwon Do. At the conclusion of the session, the instructor has them seated in front of him as he calls out one of the children’s names. The child stands, bows and sprints forward to the instructor, snapping at attention and yelling, “SET, SIR!”

At this point the instructor says, “today you earned your Courage stripe on your belt along with this Certificate signed by Grand Master Chang. This stripe and certificate is important because it lets the group know that you had the courage to seek out and share your experience here with your friends. You’ve proven yourself as an ambassador to the School by sharing its merits and inviting your friends to the class. We’re proud to honor you and thank you for your referrals.”

At which point the whole group/class erupts in clapping along with…you guessed it, the PARENTS.

Unless you’re in a cloud due to a sinus infection or cold, you get my point. The KIDS drive the referrals and growth of this school.

This week’s challenge: What can you do with this idea to use it in your office to generate and encourage referrals?

I know most won’t do anything with this great idea, but for the 1 or 2 that do…REWARDS aplenty in the referral department.

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