Lessons To Learn

Many times I’ll provide clients with a “turn-key” solution to solve a nagging problem. Most of time it’s the problem of lack of patients.

One of my clients called to “quit.”

He said things just weren’t working. So, I began to ask him some questions about ideas he had implemented. His answer didn’t really shock me. You see, on our 1:1 calls, he made every one of them. BUT, not one time did the conversation steer towards where it should have: How Can I Get More Patients In The Door?

He usually ended up talking about golf and guitars. And, mind you, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just … well … his practice is dying on the vine and his excuse was, “The marketing you are suggesting I do makes me uncomfortable.”

Well, OK. But, that’s different than marketing that’s NOT WORKING. In going back thru the dozens of strategies I’ve suggested over the past few months, he had implemented only one. Which by the way, worked extremely well. But, the rest, including Press Releases (!) made him uncomfortable.

My point is simply this: The Bank, Your Kids’ College, Your Retirement Fund, The Mortgage Company and so on DON’T CARE what kind of advertising you do to get patients in the door to pay you. They ONLY care about one thing: ARE YOU GETTING PAID?

Now I’ll admit, sometimes, the beauty of the advertising even we do here leaves something to be desired in the way of “flash” and “looks.” BUT, pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the “kind” of ads we crank out here for ourselves and for our clients puts food on the table and gets results (which, in reality, IS ALL THAT MATTERS).

The WOW and SIZZLE for patients should be two places: 1.) When your staff picks up the phone, and 2.) When patients visit your office. THAT’S WHAT COUNTS!

There is simply no reason, in America today, for anyone to starve or let a practice die. None. It’s TOO easy to get people to call you and get them to exchange money for dental services. Be excited and proud you have the abilities you do to earn and continue to learn!

ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: What have you done to get things cranked up in your office?

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