Lunch Hours: A Super-Profitable Time In Your Practice?

HINT: It’s NOT production…it’s EATING AND TRAINING!

It’s turned out to be some of the most profitable time we have at the office.

Here’s how it works:

1)      You buy lunch – have it delivered.

2)      We eat.

3)      Spend the last 30 minutes with you in the chair. Give a specific case to treat, present and sell.

4)      Rate them, immediately afterwards and critique every step.

5)      Openly talk about best approaches and wrap up lunch ready to go.

I challenge you to take “wasted” unproductive time, at LEAST one time per month (once per week or every 2-weeks is best I think) and utilize it this fashion or a similar manner which will result everyone being on the same page and understanding exactly how to present and sell tx.

It will, without a doubt, improve your skills and that of your team, in working over potential cases, approaches and most importantly, the end result!

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