Message On-Hold…

I want to talk today about your “message on-hold…”

     Although putting pts on hold is not the best strategy for pt service, many times it cannot be avoided.

     Today for instance, I called a new client’s office and while waiting for the doctor, heard an absolutely GREAT strategy that engaged me and got me interested right away about this doc’s office – and I’m thousands of miles away!

     Here’s how the monologue from the recording went:

     “This election year [already odd, because I was thinking I was calling a dental practice!], don’t stand for empty promises from political candidates. For over 20 years, we’ve been proud to stand behind all of our services here at Cross Lakes Dental. In fact, with our Last Time Ever dental services guarantee, ANY service you receive here at Cross Lakes is guaranteed for LIFE! Ask Sue or Stephanie for more details when they come back on the line.”

     This achieves SO many things and the lessons here are several as well.

  • creates relevancy and gets listener’s attention by using current events
  • lets listeners know of their last-time ever guarantee
  • gives a record of long-lasting relationships – 20 years in business
  • repeats their name two times.
  • it’s also NOT the same old tired messages other offices like dental practices, play.


So, here’s the challenge – what can you do in your office,

right now to impact the relevancy and efficacy of YOUR message on-hold. This IS a great marketing tool. It also works well to promote monthly specials or new patient specials or better still, REFERRAL specials!

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