Minimalist Approach


I promised I would talk about the minimalist approach some folks take.

It’s like this: Doc on an email forum is complaining about gas prices. My question first of all, is, “WHY?” Does his P&M really matter? Does it SOLVE the problem?

No, if anything, it just exacerbates it.

His next question was if something like, “Does anyone know which car I should buy to save $ on gas? A Tercel or Hyundai of some kind?”

Geez. Why not just stay home?

To me, it’s just easier to figure out how to make a few bucks extra a day and NOT worry about the darn gas prices.

Only thing is, some people get really good at being poor, or in this case, of the poor mentality.

I call them survivalists. They get so good at maximizing their resources, they never educate themselves or look for other ways to simple INCREASE their resources.

Case-in-point: Most offices I know have already HAVE adequate patient flow. They simply do not maximize patient value. They ASSUME patients will do that on their own. That patients WILL ASK to have their teeth whitened rather than the other way around.

That’s a tough way to make a living. If I waited for someone to ASK me to send out a patient newsletter for them, I’d be STILL be waiting after almost 10 years!

The lesson here is this: Be proactive and aggressive in increasing your resources rather than decreasing the “spending” or allocation of resources. Don’t get me wrong, high overhead is NOT what I am preaching here. Smart overhead would be more like it. But, if things are running slow or the month is short, DO something NOW rather than later.

For those of you who monitor your numbers daily, you know what I mean. You can spot a downturn almost AS it is happening. For those of you looking at weekly or worse, just monthly, you can’t spot a downturn until it has already happened to you and by then, you’ve lost an incredible opportunity to counter the action!

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