It’s frustrating sometimes being in business for yourself. Oftentimes, you miss things you KNOW you should be doing, you’ve done it in the past, but suddenly you find yourself skipping right over the top.

I see these things in my own business on those days when I’m working ON my business rather than IN my business.

One client of mine has two offices in California. He actually spends a full day every week not as a technician in his practice, but as an owner of the business working ON it rather than in it. It’s clear to me he will have great success over the next several months because of this one fact. He’s also been very responsive to information I’ve sent out.

My point is simple: How much time are you spending ON your practice? Are you taking the time to sit down and dive into stats, reviewing numbers daily, weekly and monthly? Are you holding staff accountable for:



UP-Sells (more on that in a moment)

Follow-up with difficult appts

Past-due insurance (part of the collections process)

Hygiene re-care #s (What % are coming back and if it’s poor, WHY?)

Cancellations – have they increased? If so, why? Have they decreased? If so, why?

Briefly, I want to cover two VERY important upsells and how to implement them into your practice. Upsells are important. They are literally what keep McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and so on, “in the game” and profitable. When used in your office, they’ll boost your bottom line by 10% OR MORE. Adding two grand a month to your bottom line is like spending 2-3 ADDITIONAL working days, but not having to when upsells are put in place.

Let’s talk first about Adult Fluoride:

Barring your philosophical differences about fluoride tx, this is an extremely profitable add-on service to hygiene appts. There are two approaches: EVERYONE gets it OR, it’s an elective add-on. Personally, unless contra-indicated, I’d just make it part of the re-care program in the practice and simply adjust the prices accordingly. If provided as an add-on, the verbage by you or your hygienist (or DA) is, “We’re recommending all patients continue with fluoride tx into their adult years because of the HUGE benefits it provides. Would you like me to quickly take care of that for you today?” You can develop your own verbage, too, along those same lines. This is spur of the moment, so it’s obviously not perfect.  I would recommend getting this into play the month of October and working with your staff in perfecting the presentation OR simply including it in the visit. Do the math on this and it will shock you. Now, NEXT month, in November, I would begin implementing…

Adult (and Child) Sealants:

Again, same as above – this is an extremely profitable add-on and my suggestion is to fully train your hygienist(s) to perform these in AS GOOD OF A CLINICAL MANNER as what you are capable of. Spend the entire month of November working on the implementation. You can have clinical trainings on selected patients with your hygienists to perfect the technique. But focusing on each of these during the coming two months will make it easier to implement. Here’s how to present it to each hygiene patient: “John, a while back we completed our expanded training on sealants. Sealants will provide protection for many of your teeth that are highly susceptible to cavities and decay. They’re quick to apply, long-lasting and painless. I have them on x # of my teeth and I enjoy the feeling of not worrying about expensive dental work or painful fillings. You have x# of teeth we could quickly take care of today. Would you like us to get that started for you now?”

You’re providing a question that asks for action – either a YES or a NO will tell you. Note it in your chart and either ask next time or begin the process. If just 30% accept your upsell…do the math.

It’s critical to have your staff on board so spend time training the clinical aspect and spend EVEN more time on training to have your staff (all of them) explain the benefits. Benefits sell, as well as fear of pain.

Then, you can simply monitor the stats of each process. You can also (I would suggest it) provide your staff with an incentive for each one sold or completed. Same deal for whitening.

Here are some common responses:

Q: “My insurance won’t cover it.”

A: “You’re right, they won’t. But to me, they’re a bargain. If you only ever avoid ONE cavity, you’ll be covered – it’s kind of like buying insurance against a future cavity, and besides, if we ever DO find a cavity on a sealed tooth, we’ll take care of it for you at no cost! Would you like to get that started today?”

Q: “My teeth are 40 yrs old. Why seal ‘em now?”

A: [Disclaimer: If this is not applicable, pls do not use!] “I completely understand Jack, but if we seal ‘em now, as your teeth age and become more likely to develop cavities, we’re providing you a way to prevent ‘em and the cost, time involved and pain associated with fillings. AND, when we seal a tooth for you, that tooth is guaranteed for life to NOT develop a cavity. If it does, we’ll place a filling at NO CHARGE to you. It’s like buying insurance against cavities! Would you like to get that started today?”

I’d be interested in feedback from you all on these scenarios. Let me know if you have ideas on this (good or bad) so I can share with the rest of the members.

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