Money and the Thoughts That Go With.

I recently began reading a book written by Bob Thomas about Roy A. Disney, it’s called, Building a Company. I recommend reading it. I’m a HUGE fan of Disney. Roy AND Walt! (Remember Walt’s saying, “Do what you do so well others can’t help but talk about you.”)

            At any rate, page 240 reveals Walt Disney’s attitude about money. Let me say in advance, his attitude is one I’ve found to be consistent with just about every self-made millionaire I’ve ever met. Here goes:

Walt once explained his attitude toward money: “People look at me in many ways. They’ve said, ‘The guy has no regard for money.’ That is not true. I have had regard for money. It depends on who’s saying that. Some people worship money as something you’ve got to have piled up in a big pile somewhere. I’ve only thought about money in one way, and that is to do something with it. I don’t think there’s a thing I own that I will ever get the benefit of except through doing things with it. I don’t even want the dividends from the stock in the studio, because the government’s going to take it anyway. I’d rather have that in [the company] working…

            I bring this up because I want to know what your attitude is toward money. Is there an infinite supply or a limited supply?

            Do you also think there is a finite or limited supply of patients? There’s a connection there in the thinking. Do you see it?

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