Mutual Respect = WIN:WIN

I recently had an experience with a customer/vendor (we buy from him, he buys from us). It’s worth talking about in case you have patients you either do business with or expect to get money from in exchange for treatment.

For the last three years he’s been using a service we provide. In the last 3 months, I’ve spent close to $2200 with his firm. AND, I’ve sent him thousands upon thousands of dollars in referral business.

Last week, we had our emails cross on the information super highway. Mine read: “I’d like to spend another $2000 on some materials.”

His read: “I’d like to cancel my services – I’m going to do it myself.”

How would that make you feel?

He immediately shot an email back to me, “You probably don’t want to place that order now, do you?”

Would you place an order?

Oddly, I’m thinking about it. I don’t want to get into it with him tit-for-tat, but geez, how about some respect? How about taking into consideration that he’s spending about $100 a month. I’ve referred multiple people to him (for close to $15,000 in orders), ordered from him myself and was ready to order again.

If you want patients to accept the comprehensive cases, you’ve got to offer up something other than just the service in return. If you want referrals to flood your office, you have to GIVE TO GET!

So really, this blog  is about that very subject which Napolean Hill talks about in his book, Think and Grow Rich: What are YOU prepared to GIVE in order for you to receive what YOU want?

If you haven’t figured that out yet, it may be what’s keeping you where you are.

I don’t want to go “nutso” on you, but really, the laws of the universe exist for a reason. Balance must be struck. You can’t “get” or “take” a high-dollar cosmetic case without expecting to “give” somewhere else.

Have you ever had the experience wherein you’ve donated something and hours, days or even a week or two later, you get the strangest stroke of luck? Yeah, I know, it’s crazy…BUT, just try to give more now than you get and watch what happens. I dare you.

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