New Patient Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

I have assembled this new patient pre-qual info for you. It has been customized for your use.

Pre-Qualifying patients can save you a huge amount of time. Ideally, it’s something that should be done by your staff, prior to your ever meeting with the patient. You should know who, what, and why before you even get into the tx room.

However, many times, during the exploratory phase – when you are diagnosing, you can get all four points on the questionnaire addressed. You’ll be better prepared to sell.

New Patient Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

1.)  What should you say to avoid having the “door” slammed in your face? As a doctor, what would you say to a new patient?

–       e.g. Lady, it works as well in cold water as it does in hot water (Cold Power Detergent)

2.)  How will you grant PERMISSION for your new patient to BELIEVE what you say works…Give “reason why.”

–       e.g. Marlboro Man – people “bought” for the Micronite filter, NOT to be macho – yeah, right!

3.)  WHY does what you are telling your patient work?

–       e.g. Is it because of the cold Rocky Mountain spring waters?

4.)  What atmosphere (mood, tone, voice) do you want to put your new patient’s mind into?

–        e.g. are you looking for serious, light-hearted or authority in your ad?

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