Offer a New Procedure

Are you doing Invisalign? Are you doing sedation?

These are two questions, that, if the answer to is “no,” then maybe you should!

Here’s why: sedation cases are more comprehensive, deal with high-fear pts, and allow you to get a lot of dentistry done in fewer sittings…AND,they are VERY grateful.

There are other reasons, but those are just some.

What’s that? You DON’T do Invisilign? Why?

If promoted properly to your EXISTING patients, you’ll have more work to do that you can imagine!

How do you do that? Simple. Chart Audits. It’s hard, grunt work, but look at the payoff!

Sounds like more than what you’d like to do? OK, then mail a letter to every patient file you have, putting the postman to work delivering your message! Sure, you’ll have some letters come back, but that’s OK, you need to clean up your pt addresses on file anyway.

So, what do you offer them to come in? How about a FREE Invisilign consultation and a FREE Gift valued at $50 just for seeing them?!

Want to see more Sedation patients? Make sure you hit your own charts FIRST! Your current pts are 100x more likely to do business again with you than any stranger from off the street.

I would pull all undone tx on cases OVER $4,000 and send them a letter explaining the benies of SEDATION dentistry and how they likely won’t remember a thing and include TONS of testimonials from your Sedation pts.

Don’t do either? Get certified ASAP! Why not?

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