Operation Money $uck

I first heard the words “Money Suck” from Gary Halbert. For good or bad, Gary is a world-class copywriter, hands-down the best in the world. Gary has a way of putting ordinary, everyday, vanilla items and turning them into extraordinary, eye-popping best sellers.

Operation Money Suck was Gary’s term for getting all you can out of all you’ve got. In other words, if you’re a dentist, what can you do to get all you can out of each and every one of your pts.

That includes but is not limited to:

1)      Referrals (this is HUGE $!)

2)      Production (obvious, right?)

3)      Testimonials

4)      Ongoing Relationship

Most of us only get #2 from ANY of our customers. Reason being, we think that’s all there is to get and we are content with that.

Well, what happens if the pt doesn’t DO any production? We’ll leave out the reasons WHY and address those later.

I’ll tell you: You have NOTHING. You spent a good $200 or more to GET them in the chair and another $100 or so to prep the room, staff salaries, and so on. What do you have to show for it?

You should have:

1)      Extracted referral(s) or at least set the stage for it! (So what if they don’t get tx done. Their best friend or husband might! So, let’s say to the pt, “Even though the timing may not be quite right for you to move ahead with this tx, my staff and I just love having pts like you as part of our family – friendly, happy and honest. Would you mind terribly if we gave you a couple referral cards you could give to those folks who are just like you? We’d love to get to know them!”)

2)      I’d get a testimonial, written of course, while they are still in the chair! I would GET THEM TO REAFFIRM why they chose us in the first place. I wouldn’t let them leave until they gave me one! I’d say, “All of our patients at their first visit always have a few comments for us about their first trip to our office. Would you mind scratchin’ down a couple of things here for us so we know how we are doing? And, if there’s something in particular that stuck out to you, would you be sure to mention that? As I’ve said 1000s of times before: What others say about you is 1000x more powerful and believable than ANYTHING you could say about you!

3)      I’d most definitely set the stage for the WHEN they will get tx done. Not IF, WHEN. It’s a matter of timing ONLY. I would let them know we’re here for them when they are ready and able to get started.

Later we will discuss WHY pts don’t get the tx done they SHOULD get done. It’s really, most often, just one thing: MONEY & PAIN. Fortunately, there’s a way to alleviate both!

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