Personal Responsibility 101 – Answering The Phone

You’ve undoubtedly heard the story of the family suing the fast-fast restaurant chain for making them obese, right?

It’s absurd.

It all boils down to taking personal responsibility.

As owners/CEOs of your own practice, (myself included), we have to take full, 100% responsibility for every single action (OR NON-action) taking place in our business.

Matters not if it is marketing, staff, software, whatever. WE are responsible for it.

Let’s take the routing/handling of incoming phone calls: Ultimately, it’s the business owner’s responsibility to ensure each and every single phone call is handled properly.

(This means you)

Whether it’s selling an appointment (YES, these HAVE to be sold – just because someone calls your practice DOESN’T mean you are going to see them as a pt later in the week!) or re-scheduling an appointment, make darn sure you have your best, nicest, friendliest staff person on the phone taking those calls.

This week’s ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: How is your staff answering YOUR phone? Sometime this week when you are out of the office, call and see just how they sound!

If you happen to catch Olga the Grump on the phone, so did a COUPLE prospective patients.

One thought on “Personal Responsibility 101 – Answering The Phone

  1. Yes! So true! For four years when I worked as a copy director at a dental website company, I would call dental offices during business hours. Some receptionist hung up on me when I said my company’s name because they assumed I was trying to sell them something. Then, one time, someone on the cleaning crew picked up the phone and didn’t speak English. The worst, most consistent problem I found, though, was that if the office was having a bad day, it was soooo obvious in the way the phone was answered. Heavy sighs, a snippy tone, frustration in the voice… it’s very obvious. I recommend that anyone who answers the office phone breathe deeply, look in the mirror, smile, then pick up and greet the caller. I call it Phone Yoga. Silly, but effective! This was a great post, James. Right on target!

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