Personality vs. Professionalism

We had a dilemma here at the office. We’re in the final stages of design and just about ready to print an office marketing brochure for a client.

Most of you know how I feel about brochures. They’re OK as long as they SELL something. But it they are all features, no benefits, no testimonials, all about YOU and your team and nothing about the patient, then WHO CARES?

If they [the brochures] don’t MOVE patients to the end result of getting tx accomplished or at the very least, started, what in tarnation is the point?

So the dilemma was this: should they include just head shots of each team member in the brochure? Or, should they show prospective and current clients thier true colors where each of them would include their favorite photo?

You and I can work with vendors all day long that are boring, plain Jane, vanilla people and companies.

Me personally, I like dealing with someone that has personality! Pzazz! FUN!

Boring people bore me to tears. I really like to avoid them at all cost.

It’s like buying gasoline. It’s not an experience. It’s a necessity and frankly, if I could find someone to go fill my car up for me, I would. I find it a waste of time.

So, they decided to show their true colors. They nixed the head shots and are going for fun photos that depict who they really are. Otherwise, without personality, they’re just another boring old vanilla practice, right?

These are well designed, great copy, great photos to help SELL and finally, they were designed with the whole idea of moving new clients or current clients closer to the buying experience and becoming repeat clients.

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