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I have recently talked to PDC member Dr. Brad Parker in San Bruno, CA. He had sent in pictures for me to review of his office exterior.

Pictures reveal sooo much about an office. They reveal a doc’s personality, his “clinical ability” (READ Dr. Paddi Lund’s books, specifically where he talks about CNEs and SCNEs – the Critical Non-Essentials and the Super-Critical Non-Essentials) and realistically, how patients perceive a doc overall.

Dr. Parker’s situation is unique. His building is in a very high-priced area outside of San Francisco where the average 3 bedroom home sells for $750,000 and up.

The point I’m trying to make here though is this: What you see every day you almost become “immune” if you will, to the “look.” You can’t see the overgrown shrubbery, the tree that blocks your office from street view, and so on.

Last year I had the privilege of visiting an office here in Oregon of Dr. Henderson. His practice is wonderful inside. It’s on a very busy street, next to a hospital. All the exposure, practically, that one could ask for.

However, what he failed to notice – he did but didn’t if you know what I mean – was that the trees were overgrowing his entrance and made it appear darker than it could’ve/should’ve been. On a cloudy day with limited natural lighting, the darkness of the entrance wasn’t as inviting as it could’ve been. So, trimming back trees, and so on, resulted in a massive change in looks AND increased referrals of NPs by drive-by traffic!

OK, enough on that subject for now.

I’ve had clients ask me about a couple of secrets about increasing the flow of specialized types of patients – like Invisilign, Implants, Sedation and so on. Here’s the deal (keep in mind, this is pure and simple grunt work!):

1)      First, segment your patient list into distinct categories – use paper charts for ease of completing task in under 30 days (J). I would separate them into those patients who were best candidates for: a) implants, b) invisilign, c) sedation (high fear), d) cosmetic (you can add more segments if needed – you’ll see what I mean in a moment).

2)      Next, we want to identify which of those “groups” or segments you want to target first. I would take the highest profit, easiest to “sell” first.

3)      Create an offer so darn irresistible, even YOU would be hard-pressed to pass it up. What I mean is this: “FREE Health Club Membership (or 1-year extension) With Complete, FREE, Invisilign Consultation!” Or, “FREE Big-Screen 32” Sony Television Upon Completion of ANY Cosmetic Procedure!” and so on.

4)      Next, sit down and begin to identify every single benefit you can think of (NOT feature, but benefit) and that pts have told you about getting this particular procedure completed.

5)      Gather every single testimonial you can think of and get your hands on about YOU, this procedure and so on.

6)      Assemble a direct mail letter.

7)      Mail this letter and any full-color b&a pictures with testimonials and so on to each of the patients in this particular segmented list.

8)      Repeat as necessary and send to ANYONE interested in that particular procedure. Doing it the first time is the absolute hardest. Once you complete it, it’s an “evergreen” promotion!

On top of this project, be sure you keep ALL of your NPs in the loop on what it is you offer for every one of your patients. Be sure to educate them constantly on THE BENEFITS of cosmetic work, sedation dentistry if high fear, and implants vs. dentures!

enjoy –I know it’ll be a homerun for several reasons: you’ve got a captive audience, you’ve identified a NEED and likely a WANT they have, and they have a pre-existing relationship with you! GO! Good Luck!

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