Postcards Work

     Just recently, I received a postcard in the mail from a very well-known company advertising a new clothing line available in their menswear department. Would you believe it was Nordies? (Nordstroms)

     Each and every single week I have the following conversation with a new, yet-to-be-converted client about Postcards. It goes something like this – see if this has been you:

  • “They’ll hurt my image.” My response: It’s tough to pay bills with “image.” And, heck if it’s good enough for one of the best and well-known retailers in the world, Nordstroms, why isn’t it for you?
  • “Postcards aren’t for me. I just couldn’t mail them. My friends or colleagues or worse, my friends at Church will see them and think I am desperate.” HOGWASH. I had a client for a very brief time who thought it was beneath him to advertise via a postcard. Guess what? He’s still struggling and going “broker” by the day. I have empathy for him, but don’t feel sorry for him. The solutions have been presented to him time and time again. Well-advertised and well-marketed businesses are to be admired. Someone who doesn’t admire a well-run practice is likely themselves poor or of the “poor-man’s mindset.” Ignore them and prosper. Success is REALLY an attitude. You’ll gradually figure out the rest. RIGHT? Right.
  • “They Don’t Work.” Oh boy, I can hardly contain myself! I’m about to fall off my chair! Help! Oh geez! No seriously, I don’t know if I can take it! Come on, STOP! In all seriousness I’m writing this and am having a hard time taking that kind of comment seriously. Let me just say, we have a TON of active clients, right now, making nice deposits in their bank accounts EVERY MONTH due to the postcards we’ve created and mailed for them and do so every month. Heck, one doctor sees over 14 patients every month from about 800 postcards mailed. His ROI is so ridiculous; I won’t even print it here. I’m embarrassed for people who can’t get on board and have a hard time thinking postcards won’t/don’t work.
  • “My patients are too sophisticated to respond to a postcard.” Again, what can I say? Nordstroms sends them, our local Toyota dealer sends them and I send them – to DOCTORS! How much more sophisticated can you get? Again, come on, get on board!


OK, I’ll stop. Enough. You get the drift. They work.

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