Productivity & Client (Patient) Service

I made the mistake this past Saturday to visit the local Macys store. It’s a notch below a Nordstrom’s as far as quality of clothing, but they could certainly take a lesson from their competitor that’s only about 200 yards away in the service and productivity department.

This is a problem Macys has year ‘round.

Let me give you some background:

Knowing Macys has decent prices and a lot of kitchen merchandise, I decided to go there. After I picked out the KitchenAid attachment, I hunted for the least busy cashier.

Now, it’s been over a year since I have been in Macys and now I remember why. After standing in line behind 7 other SINGLE TRANSACTION customers (they were buying one item – again, now I know why!), 2 got through the process in about 15 minutes. So, I decided to time the clerk. During this “timing” I was getting hotter and hotter, the package was getting heavy and I kept thinking, “Where else [store] can I find this attachment?”

And, did I mention three or four people were jockeying for position behind me, too?

So, when I finally got to the register, each SINGLE TRANSACTION took an average of seven minutes.

7 whole minutes!

I have to admit, I am one to get a bit impatient, but this was ridiculous! You’d have thought these people were closing on a house!

The poor clerk, an obvious victim of her employer’s systems, attached no fewer than 2 stickers to each package, provided a regular receipt and a “gift receipt” and to top it off, their credit card transaction system was clearly clogged and so on (Can we Say, “Manual Imprinter?!”).

This is no joke. The package I bought was $54.00. I paid CASH. It STILL took her over seven minutes to complete my transaction alone! Why? THE PHONE KEPT RINGING AND SHE KEPT ANSWERING IT!

Gee, I’m the customer. I’m in the store. I have cash in hand and I couldn’t hardly GIVE IT AWAY!

I think you know where I’m headed.

ACTION TO TAKE: Identify and CORRECT your OWN sales prevention systems. Do it today. It LITERALLY is costing you a fortune. Specifically: how patients can pay you (expand the number of ways you’ll accept payment – i.e. financing – see, how long it takes to process a patient (new and existing), how calls are handled, sterilization systems – can you cut the time down required for these(?), and so on.

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